Louis V Hand Bags: Carry the Dream

You know the name, the whole world does. The most famous designer label in the world got there for a reason. Collection after collection the most inspired designer hand bags in fashion are Louis V. Never before has a high end fashion label penetrated popular culture to such a degree. These days anyone from grandmothers to teens, men and women, urban or country folk are just as likely to be seen with a Louis V purse. The Louis V Handbags monogram has become synonymous with French glamour the world over. Tobacco hued soft canvas with the golden LV symbol can be seen on thousands of different designs, from the original LV trunks designed by Louis Vuitton himself to the most famous bag ever, the Louis V Speedy.

Icons: The Louis V Speedy and More

Originally designed in the 1930's, a smaller version was made for Audrey Hepburn in 1965 who asked the Parisian designer to create something more compact for her to carry her essentials in (now the Speedy 25), the Louis V Speedy has become the most famous Louis V handbag in the world, and in fact the most popular luxury purse ever made. Along with the Speedy, the Papillon, the Carryall, the Pegase, the Keepall, the Manhattan PM, and many others, have all become icons of the LV label. There truly is an iconic Louis V Handbags design for every type of style.

I Dream of Louis V: Magic in a Handbag

It is safe to say that women young and old, from New York to Mississippi, from Rome to Palermo, dream nightly about a new Louis V handbag. With prices ranging from luxuriant to downright mortgage threatening, only the lucky actually get one. For this reason, the magic has lived on. Louis V hand bags are an elite luxury, often longed for, rarely in reach.